Bread and Baked Goods since 1890

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We've been in the business of baking bread, pastries and other bakery products for over 125 years, learning and perfecting our trade and adapting to the needs of our customers and consumers as times have changed, up to today.
It's this philosophy of melding tradition with modernity, artisan know-how with advanced technology, that inspires us with the highest respect for real food, and for food safety.
This is what sets Bellsolà apart from all the rest.
Bread Bread
Today, with our team of highly qualified and committed professionals and automated bread and baked goods production lines, we continue to offer our customers and consumers a broad variety of the highest quality breads and baked goods, while we continue to innovate to satisfy 21st-century demands.
New Pan Cristal

New Pan CristalThe new Pan de Cristal stands out due to its distinctive appearance, its honeycombed, spongy crumb and its delicate flavour, which brings out the natural taste of many foods.

New Empanadillas XXL

New Empanadillas XXLTwo new XXL varieties join the family of traditional Empanadillas. They are made with a soft, crispy dough scalded in oil, which envelop a tasty, generous filling.

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