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New Products

New Products

New Pan Cristalview
New Pan Cristal

The new Pan de Cristal stands out due to its distinctive appearance, its honeycombed, spongy crumb and its delicate flavour, which brings out the natural taste of many foods.

It is created using active sourdough and selected flours, following a process involving double fermentation, and baking in a stone-soled oven, which provides an extremely moist dough and a thin, crispy crust. What's more, it's Clean Label!

Bread that cannot be absent from any catering business’ culinary range, regarding appetizers and starters, and in bakeries and pastry shops for daily sales.

It is the perfect basis for breakfasts and aperitifs, to accompany Iberian cured meats, cheeses, foie gras and delicatessen delights. It is excellent with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, tomato and Maldon salt.
New Empanadillas XXLview
New Empanadillas XXL

Two new XXL varieties join the family of traditional Empanadillas. They are made with a soft, crispy dough scalded in oil, which envelop a tasty, generous filling.

The Empanadilla XXL de pisto features a classic filling based on cooked vegetables (tomato, onion, aubergine, courgette and pepper) and boiled egg.

The Empanadilla XXL de atún is one of the most popular varieties with consumers, thanks to its tasty filling of cooked vegetables (tomato, onion, aubergine, courgette and pepper), tuna and boiled egg.

They are easy and quick to prepare because they do not need prior defrosting, going straight from the freezer to the oven.

They are perfect for eating at any time of the day, whether hot or cold, to eat in or to take away. We recommend displaying the Empanadillas on trays or in wicker or wooden baskets, which provide the product with warmth and a natural touch, in addition to that home-made feel, with the filling indicated on a small sign.
New Croissant Frankfurtview
New Croissant Frankfurt

The new Croissant Frankfurt is created using a soft, flaky dough wrapped around a real Frankfurter sausage and melted cheese.

For added convenience, it comes finished with egg wash and topped with grated Emmental cheese, which melts during baking to create a delicious, crunchy layer that is a pleasure from the first bite. A mouth-watering contrast of textures and flavours that will delight your customers.

It is perfect for sale in traditional bakeries and hot points at any time, to eat in or to take away, accompanied by a soft drink.

We recommend baking off the Croissants in the middle of the day; that freshly baked smell will attract customers and boost impulse sales.
New Focacciasview
New Focaccias

Here are four delicious varieties of this popular Italian bread with very Mediterranean flavours: Focaccia Blanca, Focaccia con Aceitunas, Focaccia de Cebolla and Focaccia de Tomate.

The new Focaccias are created using olive oil and special ingredients, following a process of double fermentation and baking in a stone-sole oven. The result is a moist dough with a soft, tender crumb and thin, slightly crispy crust, which can hold the weight of fillings very well. They are quick and easy to handle, requiring only a few minutes in the oven, salamander or toaster.

The 100-gram square format and soft, easy-to-eat crumb make it the perfect choice for catering and restaurant businesses that want to make delicious sandwiches, hot or cold, in a short time, at any time.

The Focaccia blanca is the classic variety, with a soft and spongy crumb and made with olive oil. This bread combines perfectly with all kinds of food and can be used both hot and cold.

The Focaccia aceitunas features whole green olives and olive oil, to provide a more Mediterranean flavour.
It is ideal filled with vegetables, cold meats, cheeses and preserves.

The Focaccia de cebolla has an amazing aroma and delicious flavour. It is created using onion and olive oil. Perfect for filling with meats, sausages, vegetables and salad.

The Focaccia de tomate is the most daring variety, created using tomato, olive oil, sweet paprika and oregano. It goes well with fish, preserves, vegetables, cheeses and cured meats.
New Pizza de Trufa y Champiñónview
New Pizza de Trufa y Champiñón

The new Pizza de trufa y champiñón extends the range of slabs which are ideal for cutting and serving in the desired portion size. The filling features Portobello mushrooms, caramelised onions and the unmistakable truffle sauce, which will delight the palates of those who love Italian flavours.

It is made with active sourdough, following a process inspired by artisan methods, with long proving times and pre-baking in a stone oven. That way we get a crust that is crispy on the outside and very spongy on the inside.

Perfect for consumers looking for portioned pizzas without sacrificing Italian flavour. In addition, they can be heated at the time of sale to serve as freshly baked.
Rustique Plus and Bocadillo Rustiqueview
Rustique Plus and Bocadillo Rustique

Following the successful introduction of Pan Rustique, we present two new formats that extend the family of rustic sourdough bread for daily consumption.

The Panes Rustique range is ideal for daily consumption by the whole family. You will be pleasantly surprised by their thin, crisp crust, their soft, easy-to-eat crumb and their traditional bread taste and aroma. They contain active sourdough, specially selected flours, and are created using proving times designed to maintain their aroma, flavour and freshness for longer.

The new Rustique Plus 400 g is perfect for the whole family. It is very versatile and can be eaten at any time of the day; at lunch, dinner, or to make sandwiches, snacks and toast.

The new Bocadillo Rustique 175 g, as a result of its medium format, is ideal for hotel and catering businesses, and for those consumers who are looking for smaller formats for daily consumption.
New Pan de Hamburguesa Rústica Briocheview
New Pan de Hamburguesa Rústica Brioche

It is the perfect bun to create premium-style hamburgers. It is created using pasteurised cream butter, which adds a slightly sweet taste. The crumb is soft, spongy and honeycombed, and the crust is thin and light, very pleasant on the palate, with the characteristic texture of brioche bread. In addition, it goes well with ingredients of all kinds and maintains the structure of the burger very well.

This all comes with the advantage of being a Ylisto product; just defrost and they are ready to serve. With a simple blast of heat they appear as if freshly made.

It is perfect not only for creating burgers in modern establishments and burger bars looking to set themselves apart, but also to provide as toast for breakfast and snacks, with sweet or savoury fillings.

In addition, it is recommended for sale in bags in traditional shops, to prepare small toasted sandwiches and for children's breaks and snacks.

Expand your range of hamburger buns with Bellsolá´s delicious varieties:

- Hamburguesa Rústica
- Hamburguesa Maíz 8,4%
- Hamburguesa cereales
- Hamburguesa Baviera
New Croissant de mantequilla relleno de crema pasteleraview
New Croissant de mantequilla relleno de crema pastelera

Introducing a new 78 gram Croissant made with butter* and filled with high quality pastry cream.
A pleasure for the senses thanks to its thin layers of flaky pastry that melt in the mouth, in the style of French pastries, and its exquisite, irresistible taste. Perfect for lovers of pastry cream.

It is served decorated with an egg glaze and a topping of crushed corn, which not only gives it an attractive and different appearance, but also creates a surprising contrast of textures, both crunchy and soft at the same time.

It is ideal for traditional bakeries and gourmet restaurants, for breakfast and snacks.

As an impulse product, it is recommended to display the Croissants in full view of the customer, covered with a dome or in a display case to maintain freshness. It is recommended to place a sign indicating the pastry cream filling and the butter in the dough, to draw the attention of your customers.

You can increase the frequency of sales by serving them with drinks such as coffee, tea or shakes, to take away or drink on the premises.

*21% butter. Percentage of total dough.
**19% pastry cream. Percentage of total dough.
New Croissant de cacao blancoview
New Croissant de cacao blanco

The new 85 gram Croissant de cacao blanco will delight young and old alike.
It is made with margarine* and has a delicious white cocoa bar** inside. For your convenience, it is served already proven, and decorated with an egg glaze and sugar topping, which during baking crystallises and creates a fine layer with a unique, irresistible texture in the mouth.

This croissant is perfect for breakfast and snacks, especially for the younger crowd and lovers of white chocolate. In establishments with table service, serve them with a hot drink, fruit, assorted juices, etc. They are also ideal for take-away sales, in bags or cardboard boxes.

*17% white cocoa. Percentage of total product.
*23% margarine. Percentage of total product.
New base de Hojaldreview
New base de Hojaldre

The new Base de Hojaldre 900 gram will delight you with its great versatility and irresistible texture, with a multitude of thin, soft, crunchy layers. It is made with margarine, which allows a more regular development of the item during baking.

It is ideal for all your creations, both sweet and savoury, in various formats and sizes. From a classic ‘empanada’ filled with tuna to sweet fruit tarts and mille-feuille. All this with the advantage of being a high quality, highly competitive and cost-effective product. It is therefore designed for establishments that produce their own creations, bakeries looking for versatile, profitable products, and hotels and caterers.

Ask your sales representative for recipes and presentation suggestions.

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