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New Products

New Products

New Pan de Aguaview
New Pan de Agua

A white bread variety with a traditional appearance that stands out due to its high moisture content and great versatility. Just 12 minutes in the oven needed to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

It is a very easy-to-eat bread, with a thin crust and a slightly more honeycombed crumb than ordinary white bread, and its delicious flavour goes well with all foods. What’s more, it lasts longer due to its higher percentage of water in the dough and longer proving time during the production process. It is ideal as an everyday bread for the whole family, and for establishments looking for high quality breads with short baking times.

The new Pan de Agua is available through Bellsolá´s usual sales channels: CRC or sales representative.
New Panes Diamante Xpressview
New Panes Diamante Xpress

Save time and resources

Following the success of the 55-gram Diamante breads, we are introducing three new highly versatile formats, leading to savings on both your electricity bill and in preparation time.

The Barra, the Bocadillo and the Medio Bocadillo Diamante Xpress come 90% baked and just need a blast of heat for that freshly-baked effect. Their soft crust is perfect for everyone; their mild flavour and spongy crumb go well with all kinds of foods, making them very easy to eat. In addition, they are Clean Label; created without artificial preservatives or additives.

The Barra Diamante is the most versatile 275 grams on the market; for slicing, for sandwiches and pinchos or for daily menu bread baskets. Just defrost and with 5 to 7 minutes in the oven they are ready.

The 150-gram Bocadillo Diamante is ideal for preparing sandwiches on the spot. Just defrost and with 4 to 6 minutes in the oven they are ready. Its half-stick format also makes it perfect for people living alone.

The 100-gram Medio Bocadillo Diamante is the perfect format for breakfasts and snacks; to cut and toast, to make sandwiches and pinchos, for the daily menu, etc. Ready from the oven in just 3 to 5 minutes.

For added convenience, you have 3 handling options to suit your needs:
- Defrost and in the oven
- Frozen and in the oven, with just 2 more minutes’ baking that stated on the fact sheet
- No-bake option; defrost and toast on a grill or salamander

Up to 15 varieties make up the Xpress Range:
- 55-gram Diamante bread, created using special ingredients: Diamante, Diamante 100% Integral, Diamante Cereales y Diamante Maíz.
- Bread for creating hamburgers: Rústico, Cereales and Baviera.
- Special medium-format bread: Media Gallega and Payesita Cereales.
- White bread: Baguetina, Bollo and Panecillo.
- Gran Vitrium, Bocadillo Vitrium and Cuadrado Vitrium.

Take full advantage of the Xpress Bakery, a great ally in better stock control, saving time and resources while providing top-quality products with a delicious flavour.
New thin oval Jamón York y Queso and Carbonara Pizzasview
New thin oval Jamón York y Queso and Carbonara Pizzas

The new oval-shaped pizzas feature a very thin base that brings out the flavour of the ingredients. It also gives a hand-crafted look that no one will be able to resist.

The dough is made using selected flours and active sourdough, which is rolled to make it as thin as possible, before being shaped by hand. The ingredients featured in these two pizza varieties are then added: “Ham and cheese” and “Carbonara”. Two exquisite flavours that will transport you to the heart of Italy.

The Pizza de Jamón York y Queso contains 13% active sourdough, while the Pizza Carbonara contains 11,5%.

They are ideal for catering and restaurant businesses providing set menus and à la carte service for consumers looking for quality pizzas with a thin base and classic flavours.
New Empanadilla Vegana de proteína vegetal and Empanadilla de Jamón y Quesoview
New Empanadilla Vegana de proteína vegetal and Empanadilla de Jamón y Queso

Two new flavours join the family of Berlys traditional Empanadillas, created using a delicious dough scalded in oil and sealed in a traditional way. They are easy and quick to handle because they do not need prior defrosting; they go straight from the freezer to the oven.

The Empanadilla Vegana de proteína vegetal is the most innovative variety, designed for consumers who are looking for vegan products, which are becoming more and more popular every day, but do not want to sacrifice flavour. Its vegetable protein and vegetable-based filling provides an irresistible taste that will appeal to customers of all kinds: soya protein, extra virgin olive oil, onion, red pepper, green pepper, courgette and a touch of black pepper.

The Empanadilla de Jamón y Queso contains a classic combination: smooth cream cheese with diced cooked ham, which will delight young and old alike.

They are perfect for bakeries and hotspots, for fast food, seasonal businesses and, in the case of the Vegan Empanadilla, for establishments working in line with this food trend.
New butter croissant with chocolate chipsview
New butter croissant with chocolate chips

The new 70 gram Butter Croissant with Chocolate Chips is a delight for the senses. It is made with thin layers of flaky butter pastry, in the French baking style, with the incorporation of 70% cocoa dark chocolate chips. The result is an attractive and sublime tasting croissant with a unique texture of thin layers that melt in the mouth.

Its 27% butter content and dark chocolate chips, both inside and out, will delight adult gourmet consumers looking for high quality products with exquisite flavours.

In traditional outlets it will expand your range of value-added croissants. And if you bake them at peak customer traffic times, you'll boost impulse sales thanks to their irresistible aroma. We also recommend displaying the Croissants with a sign indicating the 70% cocoa dark chocolate chips.

In hotel and catering establishments, the new Croissant will increase the quality and cachet of your breakfasts and snacks. Offer it with a hot drink, juices and a variety of fruit.
New Tartas Tradición by Körfestview
New Tartas Tradición by Körfest

The new range of Tartas Tradición by Körfest come in two delicious varieties: Cheese and Tiramisu. A commitment to high quality pastries in medium format, ideal for sharing at any moment, because there is no need for a celebration to enjoy the unique texture and taste.

The new 370 gram Tarta de Queso Tradición will delight you with its exquisite smooth and creamy texture which is slightly oozy inside. It is made with 40% cheese, cream, milk and eggs, and lightly browned thanks to caramelisation during baking. In addition, it comes in a decorative mould, protected by baking paper, very much in line with its traditional image.

The new 500g Tarta Tiramisú Tradición is inspired by the traditional Italian recipe. is made with two layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup with a touch of rum flavouring. It is then filled with cream, mascarpone cheese and amaretto paste. Its attractive and original decoration, in the form of waves sprinkled with cocoa powder, will make it the star of your display case, boosting impulse purchases.

The two varieties come in an exclusive individual packaging with window, making the product visible and facilitating its display and transport. They are ideal for sale in traditional and modern establishments, to be served as a dessert or as a snack in gourmet cafés.
New Trenza de frutos secos y canela Körfestview
New Trenza de frutos secos y canela Körfest

A delicious new variety to extend our successful Trenzas Körfest Tradición range. It is made with an exquisite flaky pastry using real butter, filled with pastry cream, almond crocanti, toasted chopped hazelnuts and a touch of cinnamon.

To make it, the dough is left to prove for 72 hours and shaped by hand to achieve its characteristic braided appearance. Afterwards, it is bathed in a cinnamon glaze and decorated with almond crocanti. Only in this way can we achieve its unique, unforgettable texture and sublime flavour. A real treat for the palate!

Trenzas Körfest are designed for consumers who are looking for an attractive, high-quality confectionery product which is easy to consume, whether as a snack or for catering services, celebrations and events. In addition, all varieties are served in elegant, exclusive packaging with lid and window for easy display and transport.

Offer it for weekends and holidays along with the rest of the range.
New pan de hamburguesa maíz 8,4% Ylistoview
New pan de hamburguesa maíz 8,4% Ylisto

With a rustic look, a thin, crisp crust and a soft crumb, the new Hamburger Bread is made with 8.4% corn flour* and sunflower seeds, which provides a sweet touch to the flavour. It is the ideal bun for preparing delicious burger recipes with unique flavours. In addition, it can easily withstand the weight of ingredients, preventing the burger from falling apart, and allows for quick preparation, as it is ready to eat after defrosting.

And if you want that freshly baked effect, with just one blast of heat it's as if freshly made!

This new 85 gram corn variety extends the range of Berlys hamburger buns, designed especially for catering businesses looking to stand out through premium products while saving time and money. It is also ideal for bagged sales in traditional establishments, targeting consumers looking for the experience of tasting a gourmet burger at home, without the need for baking.

Complete your range of Ylisto burger buns with the Rustic Burger, Cereal Burger and Bavarian Burger, all made without additives or preservatives, guaranteeing the E-number free Clean Label.

*Percentage expressed as a percentage of total flours.
New Trainera Maíz 5,9%view
New Trainera Maíz 5,9%

La Trainera Maíz is the new variety of rustic bread for everyday consumption. It is made with 5.9% corn flour* and sunflower seeds, which give it an additional touch of sweetness that will delight lovers of the most innovative breads. Its crust is thin and crisp, its crumb is soft and moist, with the characteristic yellow hue of the Andean cereal, in an elongated 275 gram format for daily consumption.

Its format and flavour make it perfect to accompany lunches and dinners, to prepare sandwiches and kebabs, or toast with both sweet and savoury fillings.

It is designed for those businesses that want to stand out with special breads for consumers who are looking for unique flavours. In addition, its recipe contains no additives or preservatives, guaranteeing the E-number free Clean Label.

*Percentage expressed as a percentage of total flour.
New Croissant Multicereales relleno de cacao en cremaview
New Croissant Multicereales relleno de cacao en crema

A delicious treat of thin, exquisite sheets of flaky pastry, enriched with seeds and cereals, enveloping a delicious, tempting cocoa cream and hazelnut filling. The new 80-gram filled croissant is served ready-proved and egg-glazed; it will delight everyone.

The seeds and cereals, both in the dough and in the topping, are an ideal source of fibre for those who want to take care of their diets without giving up the pleasure of traditional pastries. In addition, they provide extra flavour for both breakfast and as snacks.

In traditional establishments, we recommend displaying with a sign highlighting the cocoa cream filling. They can also be decorated with chocolate details, either in cream, with sprinkles or with a square of chocolate, to grab the attention of your customers and encourage impulse purchases.
New Cookie Ylisto rellena de cacao en cremaview
New Cookie Ylisto rellena de cacao en crema

The Cookies Ylisto family is growing!
We are introducing a new Cookie that will surprise you with its delicious cocoa cream filling with hazelnuts. It also has chocolate chips in the dough and is decorated with almond sprinkles; an 80 gram treat to enjoy at any time.

It is ready for sale simply by defrosting and, for convenience, it is served individually bagged. Once defrosted, it will keep in perfect condition for up to 15 days.

The Cookie is an impulse purchase to be displayed in traditional and modern establishments, hotels, cafés, restaurants and corner shops. Complete your range of Ylisto Cookies now: Chocolate Cookie, fantasy Cookie, bonbon Cookie and orange and sultana Cookie.
New Muffin de Avellana Körfestview
New Muffin de Avellana Körfest

A delicious new flavour joins the Muffins Körfest range. The new Hazelnut Muffin stands out for its light, slightly moistened dough with nut pieces and a delicious hazelnut cream filling. It is decorated with a topping of toasted hazelnut sprinkles and a small cream crown revealing the filling within. In addition it needs no baking; just defrost and it's ready to sell!

As an impulse product, we recommend displaying them in full view of the customer, under a glass dome or on a display stand to better preserve all their stimulating properties.

You can also increase the frequency of sales by serving them with hot or cold drinks, (coffee, tea, smoothies), to take away or drink on the premises.

Complete your range of Muffins Körfest:
· Cheese and blueberry
· Triple bonbon
· Bonbon and cream
· Carrot Cake
· Toffee and apple

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