New Products

New Products

New Products

New Pan Rustiqueview
New Pan Rustique

The new Pan Rustique is a new variety of rustic-style bread designed for everyday consumption thanks to its thin, crispy crust, its very light, easy-to-eat crumb and its traditional bread aroma and taste.

It contains active sourdough, specially selected flours and its creation features optimal proving times in order to conserve its aroma, flavour and freshness for longer. In addition, its flavour is somewhat milder than other sourdough breads. These qualities make it the perfect bread for the whole family, for those who are looking for quality bread that is easy to eat and for those who appreciate the taste of real bread.

Pan Rustique is ideal for sale in traditional establishments, specialist bakeries and establishments that want to stand out from the rest.
New assorted Pecaditosview
New assorted Pecaditos

Four new varieties of the 34-gram Mini Croissant that will be a real plus for shops and cafés. The new Pecaditos are super moist and tender, as they are made with butter (17%), coated in sweet syrup and decorated with various toppings.

With the advantage of being Yliso: they need no baking because they come fully finished; just defrost and they are ready for sale. They are ideal for time-poor businesses and consumers looking for small sweet snacks combining several flavours at the same time. They will give in to temptation!

The Pecaditos should be laid out in rows by flavour on a baking tray covered with wax paper. And if you want to further attract your customers’ attention, place the Pecaditos one on top of the other, forming a pyramid of each flavour. You can use domes or bases to vary the heights.

Pecaditos are ideal for sale in assorted boxes and take-away packs. In cafés and hotels, serve several of various flavours together, accompanied by coffee or herbal tea.
Muffin Bombón y Carameloview
Muffin Bombón y Caramelo

The range of delicious Körfest Muffins has been extended through this irresistible chocolate and caramel variety, which is also suitable for vegans.

The new Muffin Bombón y Caramelo is made using lightly moistened cocoa batter, filled with caramel cream and decorated with toasted almond chips. Soft, sweet and light, it will delight chocolate lovers. For your convenience, it requires no baking or finishing. Just defrost and is ready for sale!

It is perfect for both traditional and modern establishments, hotels and gourmet cafés. As an impulse product, we recommend displaying in a dome or display case to maintain in optimum condition. You can also increase the frequency of purchase by serving accompanied by hot or cold drinks, to take away or to consume on the premises.
New Pan de Aguaview
New Pan de Agua

A white bread variety with a traditional appearance that stands out due to its high moisture content and great versatility. Just 12 minutes in the oven needed to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

It is a very easy-to-eat bread, with a thin crust and a slightly more honeycombed crumb than ordinary white bread, and its delicious flavour goes well with all foods. What’s more, it lasts longer due to its higher percentage of water in the dough and longer proving time during the production process. It is ideal as an everyday bread for the whole family, and for establishments looking for high quality breads with short baking times.

The new Pan de Agua is available through Bellsolá´s usual sales channels: CRC or sales representative.
New Panes Diamante Xpressview
New Panes Diamante Xpress

Save time and resources

Following the success of the 55-gram Diamante breads, we are introducing three new highly versatile formats, leading to savings on both your electricity bill and in preparation time.

The Barra, the Bocadillo and the Medio Bocadillo Diamante Xpress come 90% baked and just need a blast of heat for that freshly-baked effect. Their soft crust is perfect for everyone; their mild flavour and spongy crumb go well with all kinds of foods, making them very easy to eat. In addition, they are Clean Label; created without artificial preservatives or additives.

The Barra Diamante is the most versatile 275 grams on the market; for slicing, for sandwiches and pinchos or for daily menu bread baskets. Just defrost and with 5 to 7 minutes in the oven they are ready.

The 150-gram Bocadillo Diamante is ideal for preparing sandwiches on the spot. Just defrost and with 4 to 6 minutes in the oven they are ready. Its half-stick format also makes it perfect for people living alone.

The 100-gram Medio Bocadillo Diamante is the perfect format for breakfasts and snacks; to cut and toast, to make sandwiches and pinchos, for the daily menu, etc. Ready from the oven in just 3 to 5 minutes.

For added convenience, you have 3 handling options to suit your needs:
- Defrost and in the oven
- Frozen and in the oven, with just 2 more minutes’ baking that stated on the fact sheet
- No-bake option; defrost and toast on a grill or salamander

Up to 15 varieties make up the Xpress Range:
- 55-gram Diamante bread, created using special ingredients: Diamante, Diamante 100% Integral, Diamante Cereales y Diamante Maíz.
- Bread for creating hamburgers: Rústico, Cereales and Baviera.
- Special medium-format bread: Media Gallega and Payesita Cereales.
- White bread: Baguetina, Bollo and Panecillo.
- Gran Vitrium, Bocadillo Vitrium and Cuadrado Vitrium.

Take full advantage of the Xpress Bakery, a great ally in better stock control, saving time and resources while providing top-quality products with a delicious flavour.
New thin oval Jamón York y Queso and Carbonara Pizzasview
New thin oval Jamón York y Queso and Carbonara Pizzas

The new oval-shaped pizzas feature a very thin base that brings out the flavour of the ingredients. It also gives a hand-crafted look that no one will be able to resist.

The dough is made using selected flours and active sourdough, which is rolled to make it as thin as possible, before being shaped by hand. The ingredients featured in these two pizza varieties are then added: “Ham and cheese” and “Carbonara”. Two exquisite flavours that will transport you to the heart of Italy.

The Pizza de Jamón York y Queso contains 13% active sourdough, while the Pizza Carbonara contains 11,5%.

They are ideal for catering and restaurant businesses providing set menus and à la carte service for consumers looking for quality pizzas with a thin base and classic flavours.

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