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New Products

New Products

New Hamburger Bunsview
New Hamburger Buns
Create the most delicious gourmet hamburgers!

Els nous Pans d’hamburguesa, Rústic i de Cereals, són el suport ideal per als professionals de l’hostaleria i la restauració que cerquen un pa amb un valor afegit per a les seves elaboracions. Amb un aspecte atractiu i més artesà i amb un sabor més intens, són ideals per ressaltar el sabor de les carns i els vegetals. Estan elaborats seguint un procés fet amb molta cura que aconsegueix una molla suau i alveolada i una crosta fina i lleugerament cruixent, capaç de sostenir perfectament el pes dels aliments perquè l’hamburguesa aguanti la seva estructura. A més, són molt fàcils de manipular, tan sols cal descongelar i enfornar 2 minuts.

L’Hamburguesa Rústica 85 G té un aspecte rústic i artesà, destaca per la seva molla lleugera i suau, la seva crosta fina i cruixent i molt fàcil de tallar.

L’Hamburguesa de Cereals de 85 G té un sabor més accentuat gràcies a la seva molla amb llavors de lli, sèsam torrat, segó de blat i flocs de civada i la seva crosta lleugera i cruixent, coberta de llavors de sèsam, llinassa marró i daurada, pipes de gira-sol i segó de soja.
Novos bolos Weekend da Körfestview
Novos bolos Weekend da Körfest

The new Körfest Weekend Tarts will surprise you with their delicious fillings, their irresistible appearance and their size, which is somewhat smaller than the traditional celebration cakes. They are created using a light butter shortcrust pastry and exquisite fillings, then decorated in an artisan fashion. They are ideal as a weekend treat, and make those little moments special. They are served in their own elegant Körfest box to take away, which facilitates their sale. Just defrost, and they are ready to serve.

The Créme Brûlée Tart is filled with artisan style cream and topped in confectioner's custard, sugar and hand-roasted cinnamon.

The Lemon Pie Tart is filled with lemon cream and hand-toasted meringue.
New Körfest Crown Plaitview
New Körfest Crown Plait

The new Körfest Crown Plait is created using a soft flaky butter pastry, and a long process of over 72 hours and three separate fermentations, which boosts its aroma and flavour. Unique and irresistible thanks to their delicious combination of ingredients, including cocoa cream and hazelnuts, decorated with almond sprinkles. Its plait format is achieved by hand, which provides it with its attractive, irresistible craft appearance.

It is ideal for breakfasts, snacks or as a dessert, particularly at the weekend, to share at celebrations, family meetings and special occasions. Due to its format, it is very attractive in the cakes and desserts display case. Its appearance can also be personalised by placing in the centre a handful of red fruits or vanilla ice cream.
New Körfest Crown Plaitview
New Körfest Crown Plait

The new Körfest Tuscany Plait is created using soft flaky dough, made from butter, with a salty touch, which is left for 72 hours and three fermentations before baking. Its attractive interlaced appearance and its delicious combination of ingredients make it an explosion of flavour and a contrast of textures.

The dough is filled with cream cheese and tomato sauce, spread by hand using a spatula, and decorated with an egg glaze, fresh cherry tomatoes and Herbes de Provence.

It is the ideal product to share with the family or with friends, as an appetizer or starter at lunches and dinners. Traditional establishments may promote its sale in its attractive packaging. For restaurants, it can be served in portions, both hot and cold, as a blast of heat increases its flavour.
Galician Loaf 295 gview
Galician Loaf 295 g

Presenting our new Galician Loaf, a bread with a high water content that yields a moist crumb and a fine, crispy crust. The kneading and proofing period for the dough is long, giving it a long shelf life. It is characterized by its artisanal look and typical Galician shape.
Sublime Loaf 175 gview
Sublime Loaf 175 g

A bread with a rustic look in a practical and appealing format. Made with select flours, the Sublime Loaf features a dough with a high water content and a long proofing time, which give it flavour, aroma, sponginess and durability. It is baked in a refractory oven, as in yesteryear, to yield a golden, crispy crust and a tender, flavourful crumb.
Sublime Baguette 270 gview
Sublime Baguette 270 g

A bread with a rustic look in a long, thin baguette with a deep, golden colour, with splashes of flour and pointed ends. It has a fine, crispy crust that is easy to eat, and inside is a fresh, aromatic, and lightly open crumb with the intense flavour of a country bread. It also relies on a careful preparation process, with dual fermentation and baking in a convection oven, which helps keep the bread fresh and crispy for longer.
MTQ Palmier 80 gview
MTQ Palmier 80 g

Discover our new line of palmiers. Delicious and crispy as always, but made with the best butter in a new, smaller 80-g format. Available in two options: butter, and butter with chia and flax.

A taste explosion that’s sure to delight!
Chia and flax MTQ Palmier 80 gview
Chia and flax MTQ Palmier 80 g

Discover our new line of palmiers. Delicious and crispy as always, but made with the best butter in a new, smaller 80-g format. Available in two options: butter, and butter with chia and flax.

A taste explosion that’s sure to delight!
Red Velvet Cakeview
Red Velvet Cake
American-style servings

The red velvet cake has a very colourful look, which made it very popular in the US in the 1940s and that has become quite trendy in the European market today. During its preparation, in what is practically an artisanal process, we use natural colourings to achieve that reddish hue that is typical of this moist, smooth and spongy cake, and that sweet, very appetising taste. It is sliced into three layers that are filled with a delicious and creamy mascarpone cheese mousseline and decorated in the classic style, covered with the same mousseline cream and sprinkled with bits of cake.

This colourful American-style cake, taller than more common cakes, is perfect for sale in food service and restaurant establishments. We recommend exhibiting it in a domed cake stand to draw the customers’ attention and keep it in perfect condition. Served sliced, it allows for easier, perfect plating every time. It also facilitates stocking because it can be thawed by serving.
Apple Plaitview
Apple Plait
With delicious apple filling

A new version of our successful line of Körfest Plaits, whose filling is 70% delicious apple chunks and an artisanal decoration featuring wedges of this same fruit. A suggestive combination thanks to the sweet flavour of the dough and the slight tartness and refreshing touch of the apple.

As with all other Körfest Plaits varieties, it is made with puff pastry, including butter, and using a long process lasting more than 72 hours and three fermentations, which includes the manual shaping of the characteristic plaits. These qualities make the Plait a highly appealing, unique and irresistible product that seduces from the very first bite.
Goat Cheese and Pisto Pie 110 gview
Goat Cheese and Pisto Pie 110 g

A product that delights from the first bite thanks to the delicious contrast in flavours that results from a sweet, Danish-type dough, enriched with margarine, and a pisto-based filling, made with tomatoes, fried aubergine, red and green peppers and sunflower oil, and an entire disc of goat cheese that is placed manually.
It is the perfect snack for any time of day. Served already fermented and coated with egg for faster, simpler handling. Can be eaten hot or cold. The product can be decorated with sesame, poppy, teff, flax and other seeds.
A contrast of flavours!
Brioche Bun 60 gview
Brioche Bun 60 g

Its brioche-type dough is very tender and spongy, and looks wonderful thanks to its shiny, golden crust, with an egg coating and a dusting of grain sugar to give it that typical look. A traditional product that’s always been served with breakfast and afternoon snacks for many generations, and that can be eaten at any time of day.
Just thaw and serve!
Curved Butter Croissant 70 gview
Curved Butter Croissant 70 g

A delicious croissant that can be served after thawing. Made with butter obtained directly from milk cream and using the finest ingredients, the most advanced production techniques are used so that once thawed, it stays fresh longer, like it was just baked, with that delicious flavour and aroma and irresistible texture.
Just thaw and serve!
Mini Twist 25 gview
Mini Twist 25 g

The Mini Twist is made very special by its highly appealing form, which is shaped manually, piece by piece, and features a light sprinkling of grain sugar on the surface that caramelises while baking. It is made using a long process for the puff pastry, which enhances the formation of its delicate, fine layers to create thin sheets. This yields a crispy texture and a wonderful buttery taste.
Enjoy delicious, crispy moments!
Mini Butter Palmier 15 gview
Mini Butter Palmier 15 g

A mini variety of butter puff pastry that concentrates all the aroma and flavour into a bite-size morsel. With an airy and crispy texture, it is very versatile when decorated (glaze with chocolate, sugar, marmalade, icing, etc.), which turns it into a very appealing product, whether sold by weight for breakfast, afternoon snack, or for catered or buffet meals.
All the aroma and flavour in a mini size!
Multigrain Butter Palmier 40 gview
Multigrain Butter Palmier 40 g

Made with a light butter puff pastry enriched with a very healthy combination of grain wheats and seeds: oats, corn meal, soy bran, and flax, sunflower and sesame seeds.
A delicious and healthy treat!

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